1st recipe on my new system


I just setup a brand new home brewing system from scratch.  See equipment to see the setup.

My first recipe I didn’t want to try anything big, I wanted something simple.  So I made a blonde ale based on 65% efficiency.


Brewout Blonde Ale

6 gallons

O.G. (SG): 1.045 (11.2 Plato)

F.G. (SG) 1.009 (2.25 Plato)

IBU: 28.05

SRM: 4.34

ABV: 4.6%


7 lbs. of Canadian 2 row pale

4 lbs. American Pilsner

1 oz. cascade pellets

1.5 oz. cluster leaf

Total water 12.375 gallons or 49.5 quarts

Mash at 1.5 quart/ 1 lb.  Since we are using 12 lbs. of grain that is 18 quarts or 4.5 gallons of mash water

Any ale yeast

4 days before brew day
Make 2-liter (68 ounce) starter wort with an OG of 1.048 using dry malt extract
Cool starter, aerate and add yeast

Mix 4.5 gallons of 161° F water with the crushed grains.

Start heat 31.5 quarts or 7.87 gallons of water for sparge to 175° F in a separate brew pot.


Allow mash to rest at 151° F for 60 minutes.
Check for starch conversion using the iodine test.
If the test comes up negative (no blue or black color in the wort sample) go to next step.
If the test is starch positive, extend rest until you get a negative test.
Raise mash temperature to 160° F..
Recirculate wort for 20 minutes.
Begin collecting wort at the rate of about 12 ounces per minute (roughly 2 quarts every 5 minutes).
When top of grain bed becomes visible (but not dry), begin sparging with 175° F treated brewing water.
Maintain about 1 to 2 inches of sparge water on top of the grain at all times during wort collection.
Collect 7.5 gallons of wort.
Bring wort to boil.
Add 0.5 oz. of Cascade hops at start of boil.

Add 0.25 oz.  Cascade hops after 15 minutes of boil.
Add 0.75 oz.  Cluster hops addition 50 minutes after start of boil.
Add 0.75 oz. Cluster hop addition 55 minutes after start of boil.

Add 0.25 oz. Cascade hops addition 55 minutes after start of boil.
Stop boiling 60 minutes after start of boil.
Cool wort with wort chiller.

Guess wort volume is around 5.5 gallons, but that’s ok because starter is 0.5 gallons.
Siphon cooled wort to fermenter.
Aerate wort.
Pitch yeast starter.
Ferment for 2 or 3 weeks.

I don’t know if I boiled to long or what, but my blonde looks slightly darker than I was aiming for.



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