2015 Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel


Bourbon is perhaps an American thing.  Bourbon Barrel aged beers are a great thing!

Tonight I’m drinking New Holland’s Bourbon Barrel aged Dragon’s Milk Stout.  It is very full body thick, and bourbon flavored stout.  After drinking my home brewed bourbon beer after words my home brewed bourbon beer taste thin. and lacking body.  I like the full body almost chewy bread like to the beer.  I need to learn how to brew thicker body beers for winter.  I like my dark beers like Dragon’s milk, thick, dark, alcoholic and full body.  It would be much more of a winter beer, but I’m really enjoying it in summer.  I think it would go great with some red meat.  The beer makes me think of eating a big medium cooked steak in a snow storm.  If you get a chance and like bourbon stouts pick up a Dragon’s milk bourbon stout.  Be aware it’s an 11% a.b.v beer, so it has a bit of a nice kick.

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