Dogfish Head Festina Peche Review

I live close to an international market with a small bar with beer taps inside the market. Occasionally they have guest breweries come over the beer taps and put the brewery beer on the taps. This time the tap takeover was from Dogfish Head brewery. Dogfish Head is a brewery out of Delaware, USA. I like Dogfish head because they make unique beers, for example a peach Berlin Weiss I drank called Festina Peche.

Festina Peche starts with fruity smells, and a lot of head. The beer looked very clear. It had a fruity slightly tart taste. My first try of a sour beer I did not enjoy it. Now I’m coming around to liking sour beers. I think I would rather have a sour fruity beer like this than a sweet fruity beer.

I think sour beers will only be a summer thing for me anyways. For me the first time I tried and liked a barley wine was around Christmas. So to me, barley wine is the ultimate Christmas beer. Now I’m liking sour beers at the start of summer this year. To me anyways sour beers would best be enjoyed outside by the grill, grilling up pork, chicken or fish. I could see having Festina Peche with a sweet BBQ sauce on chicken. Sour beers are the equivalent to a beer version of lemonade. Tart and refreshing.



Graveyard Beer Cocktail

The beer cocktail name sounds scarier than it is, but if you’re brave enough play the video and have a graveyard cocktail.



Brewout Graveyard Cocktail

1 oz gin

1 oz T ripple Sec

1 oz vodka

1 oz Kraken dark rum

1 oz Mezcal

1 cheap beer

Mix liquors first, add cheap beer on top and enjoy! There are variations where darker beers are used. I say use whatever you like.


Other Beer Cocktail ideas I’ve hear of at Beer Cocktails

4 oz Orange Juice
12 oz Belgain White beer or witbeer

Pour Orange Juice first then top with beer

Peat Racer
12 oz IPA or APA
1 oz Scotch

Pour Beer in glass and use a bar spoon to float the Scotch on top

12 oz Rauchbier (smoked beer)
3 oz Vermouth
Maraschino Cherry

Combine all top with cherry

Many more at link above




Sam Adams Summer Ale Review

I recently got my hands on a bottle of Sam Adams Summer Ale.  It’s not bad, it a light and sweet wheat beer.  With lemon and grains of paradise.

The lemon and grains of paradise sort of mimic a Belgian Wit, but on the sweeter side.  It seems Sam Adams is making sweeter beers lately.  This past winter did anyone try Cold Snap?  I thought it was very sweet for a Sam Adams.  Other Sam Adams I’ve have had, had been more better and fuller body.  I’m not saying Cold Snap and Summer ale are bad, just not what I expected.

Now this that being said, I could see drinking this if I’m grilling chicken, pork or fish.  I think with some nice grilled salmon this beer would be a big winner.