Imperial IPA

Here is an Imperial IPA I put together I haven’t brewed yet.  I plan on brewing this for an upcoming wedding beer.  The groom is a big IPA fan.  I based my beer on recipes I saw for Pliny the Elder.  I’ve never drank a Pliny the Elder but it looks like a good beer.

Wedding Day IIPA

O.G. 1.070

F.G. 1.014

IBU: 111

SRM: 10

A.B.V 7.2%


15 pounds 2 row

8 oz Crystal 45

8 oz Carapils

1 poind corn sugar


3 oz Cluster hops (90 mins)

0.75 oz Cluster Hops (45 mins)

1 oz Kent Golding (30 mins)

1 oz Centennial (10 mins)

1 oz Kent golding (5 mins)


Dry hop

1 oz Columbus

1 oz Simcoe

1 oz Centennial


Single Infusion mash at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes

Add the hops during the times indicated.

Ferment 2 or 3 weeks.

Dry Hop the hops in secondary another 2 or 3 weeks.

Keg and enjoy.


It’s going to be fall before I brew this, but I wanted to share.  If you brew this email me and let me know what you think.





2015 Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel

Bourbon is perhaps an American thing.  Bourbon Barrel aged beers are a great thing!

Tonight I’m drinking New Holland’s Bourbon Barrel aged Dragon’s Milk Stout.  It is very full body thick, and bourbon flavored stout.  After drinking my home brewed bourbon beer after words my home brewed bourbon beer taste thin. and lacking body.  I like the full body almost chewy bread like to the beer.  I need to learn how to brew thicker body beers for winter.  I like my dark beers like Dragon’s milk, thick, dark, alcoholic and full body.  It would be much more of a winter beer, but I’m really enjoying it in summer.  I think it would go great with some red meat.  The beer makes me think of eating a big medium cooked steak in a snow storm.  If you get a chance and like bourbon stouts pick up a Dragon’s milk bourbon stout.  Be aware it’s an 11% a.b.v beer, so it has a bit of a nice kick.



Cleaning Beer taps

If you spent the time to make sure your fermenting equipment is sterilized, used the best ingredients you can buy and brewed the best beer to your ability.  You need to make sure your beer is severed the best you can.  Cleaning your beer taps is a must.  There really is a 2 step process to cleaning beer taps.

First you need to have a tap line cleaner like the picture above.  I clean the beer lines before hooking up a new keg.  Cleaning the lines is important because you sanitize the lines from the previous beer on tap and the force of the water will remove any crystals that form.  Anyone who has been cleaning beer lines will tell you over time beer will leave deposits in the lines that look like little crystals.


The second part and the part I didn’t learn until after a few kegs is that beer sludge or deposits build up in the taps too!  I was serving beer to my family and friends with beer sludge in it.  See the picture below, were the yellow circle is, with how the sludge builds up.



Cleaning the sludge is easy.  All I do is take apart the taps, they are just a simple machine.




Then I use a wire brush with hot soapy water to clean the inside.


then just put the taps back together and install them in the tower.  I also notice that taps work more smoothly after being cleaned.

With this hobby the saying “Cleanliness is next to godliness”  is very true.  The cleaner the lines the better beer you will have.