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We all have our favorite beer glass. Whether it’s simple or accurate to style there are a lot of beer glasses out there. Some of us even have started a collection of beer steins. This is a fun, addictive and some what expensive hobby. I don’t drink out of my steins but I do have a lot of beer glasses.

Some beer glasses are made for the beer to breath and warm up a little for better taste like a tulip beer glass. I think barley wines would be nice in this kind of glass to

I have many beer glasses, I know it seems cooler drinking a Strong Scotch Ale from a Thistle glass

I don’t have one but I’m sure the IPA glass lets the drinker better taste the hops.

Sometimes if the beer style is a lawnmower type of beer, I personally like cream ales, a simple beer glass is all you need.



I don’t judge, if you mean business           or              like to play drinking games.



Book and Stuff

Eat, sleep, drink and wash in beer!

On occasion I find cool beer related items. I wanted to share some of my favorite items I’ve found. I know not all of them are home brew related, but they are beer related.

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Tap Handles

I have more great Tap Handles here

Shirts and clothing


Bigfoot likes his beer!


I just like this shirt.

and .. beer Socks, because why not

See more of my favorite Beer Shirts Here


I’ve been making beer bread forever. I really like making chocolate cake with stouts!


Finally some bed time readings


For more recommended beer books Go to my Library



Used these in a boot chugging contest in the driveway, fun and they don’t break if dropped.

When your other coffee is a beer

Man mug! because catchy advertising.

This is very cool, for beer on the go.

I never used this product. Seems cool, and has good reviews.

See more glassware here

Beer Bottle Openers

This looks like it would be a lot of fun at a beer party! A bunch of people with these shooting at each other.


I know this can do a bunch of things, but I only use it to open beer. It’s fun to carry around in your wallet and makes a conversation piece. It doesn’t take up space or make my wallet feel heavy.


Cool bottle openers



For more beer Bottle Openers Here.

Misc. Beer Related Items


Beer Soap


Beer Shampoo, I really like this stuff. It is a small bottle, but it lasted me a long time.

Got to believe in something

Gift Cards


Gift cards can be found here
These would be great Christmas lights at my house

In case you want to save beer for later. Who does that?


This would be fun at a party


Bottles to the sky partner!




This poster is awesome!

Sam Adams Utopias

Sam Adams Utopias

Beer Engines and Cask


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Store brand beer review

Cheap store brand beers. I wish I had more to compare, but this is all I had. In case your curious I did some number crunching.
Kirkland beer is .04 an oz.
Big Flats is .046 an oz.
Port Republic is .063 and oz.

Kroger’s Port Republic is my winner and best store brand beer!