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Custom wood tasting paddles

Check out what I just picked up! A custom tasting paddle of my home state! The tasting paddle came with 4 tasting glasses.



If you want to get your own custom tasting paddle get in contact with D2 Woodcrafting   Tell them Brewout sent you!

I really like the tasting paddle it’s very well made and not flimsy.  The state is cut out with excellent skills.  I’m sure it will be a hit at holiday parties.


20151216_191659 20151216_191717





Polygamy porter Clone results

How does it compare?

As you can see the beer color is off by a few shades.  My clone is lacking the chocolate like smell and taste of a real Polygamy Porter.  I made a good session brown porter, but I didn’t clone Polygamy Porter.  Next time I try to brew this I’ll be increasing my chocolate malt.  I’ll have to check with software to make my next clone a shade or two darker.  General maltiness and hop flavors are very close.  I believe the key part I’m missing are the much more chocolate malt.