Clone brews

I’ve been searching around the internet for clone beers. My attempt at trying to clone a beer didn’t go as planned See my attempt here. I made a nice brown ale or a mild, not the beer I was going for.

Here is a list of clone beers from Brew Your Own magazine, American Homebrew Association and brewery websites.


BYO’s Abita-turbo-dog-clone


BYO’s Alaskan-smoked-porter-clone


Averybrewing Co


BYO’s Big-sky-moose-drool-brown-ale-clone


BYO’s Bitburger Premium clone


BYO’s Celebrator clone


AHA Deschutes-fresh-squeezed-ipa-clone


BYO’s Dogfish-head-60-minute-ipa-clone


AHA Dogfish-head-raison-detre-clone


BYO’s Duvel Clone


BYIO’s Full-sail-wassail-clone


AHA Green-flash-west-coast-ipa


BYO’s Goose-island-honkers-ale-clone


AHA Green-flash-west-coast-ipa


AHA Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Snowdrop


BYO’s Heineken Clone


BYO’s Hobgoblin-ale-clone


Jester King Brewery


BYO’s Jolly-pumpkin-brewing-company-la-roja-clone


AHA Lagunitas-little-sumpin-sumpin-clone


AHA Left-hand-milk-stout-clone


Mad Tree Axis-mundi


Mad Tree Happy-amber


Mad Tree Psychopathy


Mad Tree Other Brews


Moder Times Beer


Ranger Brewery


BYO’s Redhook-esb-clone


AHA Rogue-chocolate-stout-clone


BYO’s Rogue-hazelnut-brown-nectar-clone


BYO’s Saint-arnold-brewing-co-summer-pils-clone


BYO’s Sam-adams-winter-lager-clone


AHA Sierra-nevada-celebration-ale


BYO’s Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale Clone


BYO’s Sierra-nevada-torpedo-extra-ipa-clone



Byo’s Ska Brewing Co. Kingpin Double Red clone


BYO’s Smithwicks-ale-clone


BYO’s Snake-river-brewing-co-see-you-in-helles-clone


Byo’s Stone IPA clone


BYO’s Stone Smoked Porter clone


BYO’s Stone Other Beers


BYO’s Thirsty Dog Old Leg Humper



Beano homebrew Experiment

I’ve been researching different homebrew experiments.  I found this article BYO the Wiz Beano.  I decided to try an experiment with Beano.

I went to the store and got rice and grits.  The article says that Beano will break down carbohydrates to fermentable sugars.


I have 2.5 pounds of Rice

1 pound of Grits

3 pounds of 2-row malt

3 tablets of Bean


I’m using Bean as Mr. Wizard says on the link shared above:

“The science behind the action is simple, well-known and used by some commercial brewers to make light beer. The key ingredient in Beano is a debranching enzyme. When added to beer or wort, the debranching enzyme (amyloglucosidase) renders unfermentable sugars into fermentable sugars. Almost all of the carbohydrates found in pale malt, rice and corn can be completely fermented by yeast”

For 2.5 gallons of wort.  I put in a little more than 3 gallons.

I mashed in the 150s for 2 hours.

I also put in 2 ounces of hops in the mash

I mashed out at 170.  The hops were in the mash the whole time.  I never boiled the hops.  I wanted to see how the hop flavor will come across.

I’m trying 2 experiments in one, a no boil and Beano.

I found this article No Boil Experiment.

I ended up making a beer with an original gravity beer of 1.055 with a beer that is about 45% malt.

I don’t know if this qualifies as a Happoshu or a Japanese rice beer.  I’m excited to taste this one once it’s done.

Warning: Grits get every where.  I have grits in the tubbing, grits in the fermenter, grits all over the brew pot.


Update: It’s been 2 weeks since I brewed the beano experiment beer. The beer is infected.  I’m going to have to dump it and try again.


I’ll try the experiment again when I have more time.



Soda making

Ecto-Cooler clone

I really enjoyed Ecto-Cooler as a kid. I know it’s not carbonated, or alcoholic but I wanted to make it.   I’ve heard that Coca-Cola still has the name copyright and may release the juice again.  In the meantime, I’ve found a few site that have Ecto-cooler based clones.  I’m going to try them, and I’m thinking about making an Ecto-cooler type of homebrew to enter in the Hoppy Halloween competition.

Site with Ecto-cooler clones:

Ghost busters Chicago Ecto-cooler clone

Smart Aleck Ecto-cooler clone

The first clone I tried was Smart Aleck’s because I already had the ingredients laying around.  I used the whole kool-aid pack and I made 2 quarts like the Kool-aid pack instructs.

Since I’m used to looking at beer recipes I’m listing all ingredients and the process.




2 quarts

1/3 cup orange juice

2/3 cup sugar

3 tablespoons tang

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 packet lemon lime Kool-aid


I started with an empty pitcher for tea.  I put the orange juice in first followed by all of the other ingredients.

After I mixed up what I had in the pitcher, I filled up the pitcher to the 2-quart mark with cold tap water.

Stir and enjoy!

This clone is close, adjust to your taste.