I tried Zima for the 1st time

Curiosity got the best of me and I bought Zima. I’m an 80’s kid that saw Zima when I was young but it died long before I could buy it.

Zima might be an odd drink of the past, and I’ll probably never buy it again, but here goes nothing.




Scottish 80 shillingish

Scottish beer

Scottish beers are one of my favorite.  I’ve shared a few Scottish beers I’ve brewed over the years on my site.  I haven’t brewed in a while, then I couldn’t decide on one recipe.  So I combined Beer Captured  Kilt Lifter with Clone Brews  Belhaven Scottish ale clone and made my own beer.

I will say that I think my beer color wise and taste wise is a little light for a Scottish beer, alcohol wise it’s correct.


Brewout Scottish 80 Shillingish

8 oz Munich 10 L

13 oz Crystal 40L

3 oz Peat smoked malt

1 Cup Dark Brown sugar

10 lbs 2 row


2 oz East Kent Golding hops

1 oz hops for 60 mins

1 oz hops 15 mins

Smack pack of Scottish yeast


Single Sparge mash with 90 min boil.  I did take a small pan full of beer and boil it down to half during the boil then add pan full back in to add a bit of caramel flavoring.

Ferment at room temp, keg and force carbonate.

The joy of homebrewing is you don’t have to follow anyone’s recipe, sometimes you don’t get exactly what you are looking for and other times you create your own gem.




Beer and Cheese

Beer and cheese are great together, move over wine. Here comes beer!