Beano homebrew Experiment


I’ve been researching different homebrew experiments.  I found this article BYO the Wiz Beano.  I decided to try an experiment with Beano.

I went to the store and got rice and grits.  The article says that Beano will break down carbohydrates to fermentable sugars.


I have 2.5 pounds of Rice

1 pound of Grits

3 pounds of 2-row malt

3 tablets of Bean


I’m using Bean as Mr. Wizard says on the link shared above:

“The science behind the action is simple, well-known and used by some commercial brewers to make light beer. The key ingredient in Beano is a debranching enzyme. When added to beer or wort, the debranching enzyme (amyloglucosidase) renders unfermentable sugars into fermentable sugars. Almost all of the carbohydrates found in pale malt, rice and corn can be completely fermented by yeast”

For 2.5 gallons of wort.  I put in a little more than 3 gallons.

I mashed in the 150s for 2 hours.

I also put in 2 ounces of hops in the mash

I mashed out at 170.  The hops were in the mash the whole time.  I never boiled the hops.  I wanted to see how the hop flavor will come across.

I’m trying 2 experiments in one, a no boil and Beano.

I found this article No Boil Experiment.

I ended up making a beer with an original gravity beer of 1.055 with a beer that is about 45% malt.

I don’t know if this qualifies as a Happoshu or a Japanese rice beer.  I’m excited to taste this one once it’s done.

Warning: Grits get every where.  I have grits in the tubbing, grits in the fermenter, grits all over the brew pot.


Update: It’s been 2 weeks since I brewed the beano experiment beer. The beer is infected.  I’m going to have to dump it and try again.


I’ll try the experiment again when I have more time.


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