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Brewing Indoor


I hope to influence people to brew beer.  If you like how I brew beer, great.  If you have other ideas on how to brew beer indoors, great.  I’ve seen great setups using electric burners like in water heaters, or setups with a lot of electrical wiring.  I like to try and keep the brew setup a little more basic.

However you brew just don’t do anything crazy.

I read about a guy using a propane burner in his basement.  This is crazy!  Even if you can get good ventilation in your basement, if something went wrong you can burn your house down.  If you burn your house down brewing beer I’m sure home owners insurance will not cover this.  You could be breathing in deadly fumes.  The list goes on and on.

Home brewing beer can be a dangerous hobby from touching hot kettles, hot wort, or lifting a kettle full of wort and hurting your back.  Be as safe and you can on brew day.  Make a plan on how you are going to brew.

Just be safe out there and happy brewing.



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