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Build a Stir Plate

I ran across something on Homebrew Talk that someone built a stir plate from scratch.  Check it out here.

Homebrew talk stir plate

It was fun going into Radio Shack and getting the parts for building the stir plate.  I like working with my hands.

I don’t remember where I got the beaker but I lost my first stir bar, luckily it’s easy to get more



Book and Stuff

Homebrew Library

Here are some recommended reading for any homebrewer.

Great book for beginners

I started with the 3rd edition of this book.  Answered a lot of brewing questions for me when I started brewing.

If you want help matching beer with food this is a great book!

This book helped nail some commercial beers

Very good general brewing book

While not a beer book, it’s an interesting read and learning how to be a McGyver at making alcohol

Also a great style book, but then again I really like Scottish beer

For the IPA lover!

Water is the most important aspect in beer.

Different Yeast make the same beer taste completely different. For example if you take a batch and split it in half, then ferment with two different yeast. Both halves will taste different.


Different Malts make different beers.

For the dark beer lover.

I find having my homebrew with the right dish makes all the difference.


Check out some of these other beer brewing books I found online!

The Beer Brewing book

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The Ultimate Home Brewers Recipe Book, 641 Home Brew Recipes

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Home Beer Brewing Secrets

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