Soda making

Make your own cola

Making your own cola is easy with a Carbacap.

You can just get soda syrups or buy Sodastream syrups.  I first tried the cola Sodastream syrup.  I found Sodastream syrup to have a slight diet like taste, so I decided to doctor the flavors myself.

I used Top Secret Recipes as a guide for what to use.  I also found this link The Original Coca Cola recipe.

Besides this soda experiment I’ve done a few other experiments like Ecto Cooler Clone.

I have 1 liter bottles, recipe is for 1 liter of cola.


Pour 1 liter of water in a large kettle.

Add 3/4 Cup sugar

1 dash of Cinnamon oil

1 dash Orange oil

1 dash lemon oil

1-second pour of lime juice

1-second pour of vanilla extract

4 teaspoons of Sodastream Cola syrup

4 drops of yellow food coloring

4 drops of red food coloring

2 drops of blue food coloring



I only heat the cola enough to disolve all of the sugar.  I think the Sodastream should provide the citric acid, and caffine I do not have in my recipe.


I then pour the cola back into the 1-liter bottle.  There will be some left.  This gives me a taste idea of what the cola will taste like.  Maybe not an exact clone of Coca-Cola, but still I think it’s very nice tasting.

I make the cola in 1-liter bottles, the leave the uncarbonated cola to get cold in the fridge.  When I’m ready to carbonate and serve the soda I move to the next step.

Put the Carbacap on the 1-liter bottle.  Squeeze out the air by pressing the top button and releasing the air.

Now I put my C02 tank on 20 psi and connect the ball lock connector to the 1-liter bottle.  It’s important to shake the bottle for 30 seconds.  This is similar to the crank and shake method of fast carbonating beer.  I let the bottle sit for another 30 seconds.  Then I press the button on top to release the pressure.  I usually do this 2 times, and then a 3rd time I fill up the pressure and leave the lid on for a few minutes until I’m ready to serve the soda.


I learned how to use the carbacap with this video