Yeast Experiment

I find it interesting that I brewed the same blonde ale, but the only difference is the carboy of the left has Safale US-05 yeast and the carboy on the right has nottingham yeast.  The carboy with Nottingham is already much lighter in color and has a lot more foam on top.  The Carboy with US-05 yeast is producing more bubbles per minute.  I plan on tasting both when they are done fermenting, but in the end they will end up in the same corny keg.

I’ll keep everyone posted in a few weeks.



Beer Kits

Beer Kits are a perfect way to try out a new beer type or style.

Here are some beer kits to check out


Fat Tire Clone Kit

Arrogant Bastard Clone Kit

Blue Moon Clone Kit

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Clone Kit

Sol Cerveza Clone Kit

Sam Adams Clone Kit




Bulk grain and glassware

I’m going to tell you honestly.  I’ve looked and looked online.  If you’re going to get into bulk grain, bulk hops or even for glassware like bottles and fermenters.  The best place to buy them is at your local homebrew shop.  Shipping cost are so high, heavy items like this are best bought locally.  Once Northern Brewer had a flat rate shipping on everything and I got a bag of grain delivered for 6.99 or whatever they charge.  This was a one time thing and I got lucky getting that cheap of shipping.

I’m very lucky in the fact 3 great local homebrew shops are within an hour drive of my house.