Clone brews


I’ve been searching around the internet for clone beers. My attempt at trying to clone a beer didn’t go as planned See my attempt here. I made a nice brown ale or a mild, not the beer I was going for.

Here is a list of clone beers from Brew Your Own magazine, American Homebrew Association and brewery websites.


BYO’s Abita-turbo-dog-clone


BYO’s Alaskan-smoked-porter-clone


Averybrewing Co


BYO’s Big-sky-moose-drool-brown-ale-clone


BYO’s Bitburger Premium clone


BYO’s Celebrator clone


AHA Deschutes-fresh-squeezed-ipa-clone


BYO’s Dogfish-head-60-minute-ipa-clone


AHA Dogfish-head-raison-detre-clone


BYO’s Duvel Clone


BYIO’s Full-sail-wassail-clone


AHA Green-flash-west-coast-ipa


BYO’s Goose-island-honkers-ale-clone


AHA Green-flash-west-coast-ipa


AHA Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Snowdrop


BYO’s Heineken Clone


BYO’s Hobgoblin-ale-clone


Jester King Brewery


BYO’s Jolly-pumpkin-brewing-company-la-roja-clone


AHA Lagunitas-little-sumpin-sumpin-clone


AHA Left-hand-milk-stout-clone


Mad Tree Axis-mundi


Mad Tree Happy-amber


Mad Tree Psychopathy


Mad Tree Other Brews


Moder Times Beer


Ranger Brewery


BYO’s Redhook-esb-clone


AHA Rogue-chocolate-stout-clone


BYO’s Rogue-hazelnut-brown-nectar-clone


BYO’s Saint-arnold-brewing-co-summer-pils-clone


BYO’s Sam-adams-winter-lager-clone


AHA Sierra-nevada-celebration-ale


BYO’s Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale Clone


BYO’s Sierra-nevada-torpedo-extra-ipa-clone



Byo’s Ska Brewing Co. Kingpin Double Red clone


BYO’s Smithwicks-ale-clone


BYO’s Snake-river-brewing-co-see-you-in-helles-clone


Byo’s Stone IPA clone


BYO’s Stone Smoked Porter clone


BYO’s Stone Other Beers


BYO’s Thirsty Dog Old Leg Humper

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