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Ecto-Cooler clone


I really enjoyed Ecto-Cooler as a kid. I know it’s not carbonated, or alcoholic but I wanted to make it.   I’ve heard that Coca-Cola still has the name copyright and may release the juice again.  In the meantime, I’ve found a few site that have Ecto-cooler based clones.  I’m going to try them, and I’m thinking about making an Ecto-cooler type of homebrew to enter in the Hoppy Halloween competition.

Site with Ecto-cooler clones:

Ghost busters Chicago Ecto-cooler clone

Smart Aleck Ecto-cooler clone

The first clone I tried was Smart Aleck’s because I already had the ingredients laying around.  I used the whole kool-aid pack and I made 2 quarts like the Kool-aid pack instructs.

Since I’m used to looking at beer recipes I’m listing all ingredients and the process.




2 quarts

1/3 cup orange juice

2/3 cup sugar

3 tablespoons tang

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 packet lemon lime Kool-aid


I started with an empty pitcher for tea.  I put the orange juice in first followed by all of the other ingredients.

After I mixed up what I had in the pitcher, I filled up the pitcher to the 2-quart mark with cold tap water.

Stir and enjoy!

This clone is close, adjust to your taste.

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