Equipment Changes

brewing upgrades

This year (2015), My homebrew setup went from

IMG_0067  to this    20150524_165023


I decided to build a new system from scratch. I have a few requirements.  I brew in my basement, so no propane.  Cooling also becomes an issue brewing inside. So I need a way to cool down quickly.


I look at several homebrew setups before deciding what to pick.  I have the Brew Your Own issue with Brutus 10.  I heavily based my system on Brutus 10, but I had to bring it indoors.


If you haven’t seen Brutus 10, it’s a metal frame with 3 14 gallon buckets run off of 2 pumps and custom made propane burners.  Brutus 10 is very cool, the designer also built Brutus 10 on wheels to brew anywhere.

My system runs off of 3 8 gallon brew kettles,  3 induction burners and 2 pumps, an all electric system.  I use a power strip with individual switches to control my electronics like pumps or aerators.   I had to build a wood frame mostly because I don’t know how to weld and it kept cost down for materials and labor of a welder.

My new brewing system cost about half what Brutus 10 does.  I only brew 5 or 6 gallon batches, not 10 gallon batches.  My old home brew system only got about 60% to 65% efficiency, I’ve heard other homebrewers say they never get less than 70%.  It took me 5 months of nights and weekends working on my new brew setup.  I have a full time job and sometimes a busy schedule with a wife and kids.


I’m going to take a few post to pick out the aspects of building a brew system like mine if you are interested.  I hope to influence someone to build a new home brewing system, even if they only use my setup as inspiration.


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