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We all have our favorite beer glass. Whether it’s simple or accurate to style there are a lot of beer glasses out there. Some of us even have started a collection of beer steins. This is a fun, addictive and some what expensive hobby. I don’t drink out of my steins but I do have a lot of beer glasses.

Some beer glasses are made for the beer to breath and warm up a little for better taste like a tulip beer glass. I think barley wines would be nice in this kind of glass to

I have many beer glasses, I know it seems cooler drinking a Strong Scotch Ale from a Thistle glass

I don’t have one but I’m sure the IPA glass lets the drinker better taste the hops.

Sometimes if the beer style is a lawnmower type of beer, I personally like cream ales, a simple beer glass is all you need.



I don’t judge, if you mean business           or              like to play drinking games.


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