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Graduates in the Distilling and Brewing Industry


Graduates in the Distilling and Brewing Industry


The brewing and the distilling industry sectors support thousands of people with jobs in the field of production and engineering. There is more to a career in distilling and brewing liking to a good pint of ale. You will have to have an interest in science to understand the mashing, milling and fermentation that go into creating the perfect malt. The beverage industries consist of the alcoholic beverage category that includes distilled spirits, wine and brewing.


Graduates need to know that this is a very sophisticated industry and it is one that offers great opportunities. It is not bad to start a career in a small brewing company. Starting salaries for graduates are often above average in the larger industries. If graduates have a distilling or brewing degree they are supported to learn on the job regardless of what they have studied. Someone who has studied on the technical side will not be excluded but a science qualification will be ideal. Normally employers look for graduates who can connect with their values and competencies. It will be graduates who have integrity and are real team players.


Graduates go through a two year programme designed to give them the real feel of how the  business is run, learning about processes, how the operations and the commercial side of the business is run. It would be great if someone has work experience then the individual would stand in good stead. If it is in distilling graduates will know exactly what job they will be applying for. Graduates are normally recruited as trainees and they are developed for the field of interest. The brewing industry is more like a club, people know each other. The environment is a very supportive and people are keen to see each other develop. The industry is very competitive joining the brewing industry is harder than joining any other FMCG business. If graduates decide to further their careers they have to be prepared to do shift work. The industry is a 24/7 operation and gradates need to be aware of that.


People who work in the distilling and brewing industry have different degrees, sciences and so forth. Graduates who do the more tailored programme at university will look at aspects of distilling and brewing in the broadest context this brings together the science and technical ideas of the industry. The brewing industry is not only about making beer there are a whole range of positions available. Many graduates who want to be directly involved normally find part time job while studying. In the UK many beer jobs are available in the industry today. Globally more and more graduates are working overseas where a career in this industry have also grown very popular. Graduates often join smaller companies to start off in the industry.


A great way to get a job is through an organisation that is called The Society of Independent Brewers in the UK. As part of your degree course you will be able to work at a brewing industry for a few months. Graduates will find it quite interesting and also gain a great deal of experience. If you want to work on your career and get hands on experience of what distilling and brewing is about then learning the ropes with a small company is not a bad idea.


Distilling and brewing is consistently on high demand pubs, bars clubs and retail outlets are always looking for stock. The talents and skills of skilled distillers and brewers are essential. The distilling and brewing production sectors provide a huge range of opportunities across a wide range of skills and competencies. Distillers and brewers have a number of routes to commence and develop a career. There are openings for those who want to join after A-levels and also for those intending to enter after taking a relevant degree. The sector requires a mix of employees with skills covering botany, bio chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, IT and other disciplines. There are many more general opportunities in the distilling and brewing business. Careers can be found in sales and marketing, distribution and IT.


Distilling and brewing is practised all over the world. The global distilling and brewing industry is a multi – million markets. Both of these are mature markets and there are always opportunities for ambitious employees in this sector. The distilling and brewing products comes in different ranges and there are new concepts appearing on the market all the time. The distilling and brewing industry is highly competitive market. If you are looking for a position in the distilling and brewing industry the key is being in the right place at the right time as well as standing out from the crowd either through outstanding qualifications or top notch experience.


Written by The Carling Partnership  Ltd (CPL), an international search and selection company working exclusively within the brewing, distilling, cider and soft drinks industries. Join them on Linkedin.

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