Home Roasting

50 mins

I’ve roasted my own grains before based on a website I found Home Roasting Grains

I think home roasting adds new flavors to your beer because at home barley does not get roasted evenly.

For my home roasting you need:

1 pound of barley, I roast uncrushed but I’ve heard of people roasting crushed barley

cookie sheet and oven


I put the oven on 375 F, and put the unroasted barley in



After 30 minutes at 375 F


See how there is uneven roast.  That’s ok it adds a unique taste.

I scooped off half of the barley and put the rest in spreading out over a thin layer.

After 50 minutes at 375 F

50 mins

The barley is resting in paper bags for the next week or two until I’m ready to brew.  Home roasting is a fun way to add a unique taste to your homebrew.

I just used an oven. I’ve heard of people getting fancier with their roast with this


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