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My home brew setup is nice, but I started brewing 10 years ago. I’ve been adding a building my home brew setup the whole time. If you are starting out, starting small might be a good idea. I’ve spent a lot of money on home brew equipment and supplies. You can buy starter kits to have everything you need starting out like this:


Starter kits are nice because you do not have to get all the pieces yourself. Starting out it is easy to forget something. There is nothing worse than needing a tool or home brew equipment and not being able to get it.
When I started out home brewing, I tried to start as cheap as possible. I didn’t know if I enjoyed brewing beer or if I enjoyed all the different kinds of beer. I don’t think I would have tried all the different types of beer if I didn’t brew.
To get a brew bucket, go to a bakery that makes donuts or most restaurants that use a food-grade plastic bucket. I called a bakery and asked if I can have an empty bucket they get donut filling in. I’ve heard to avoid pickle buckets because the pickle smell and taste never went away.

Make sure your bucket has a tight-fitting lid. To brew your bucket needs to be air tight. Drill a 5/8 or 1/2 in hole in the lid for the grommet, so you can attach an airlock. The directions for the airlock say to use a 5/8 in drill bit, but I’ve heard some people say it is too hard to put the grommets in.

Also buy an airlock. When beer is fermenting we need to let the carbon dioxide out and keep oxygen from getting in to spoil the soon to be beer.

You will have to buy an auto-siphon

I would recommend a hop sock as well to boil the hops in.


I didn’t have any brew pots. I used the biggest kitchen pot I could find. If you have a kitchen pot around a gallon, that will be ok for a 5-gallon batch. You will have to dilute your brew down to 5 gallons. This will cool the brew faster, and you can add yeast sooner.

If you have a gallon kitchen pot, a stove cook top, auto-siphon, a hop sock and a brew bucket, you are off to a good start.To make a beer I didn’t take gravity reads at first. I didn’t think it was necessary. Taking gravity reads is important, especially for knowing when the beer is fully fermented. Finally for bottles, I used plastic water bottles, the 16.9 oz plastic water bottles you see everywhere. The only word of warning I have to tell you is after you brew your beer and bottle conditioning the beer will warp the plastic bottles. The bottom of the plastic bottle will be around, so the bottles are a one time use

Lastly, you will need ingredients.

Buy some malt extract:

I’d add half a pound of table sugar to get a little more alcohol out of the beer.

For a first try this is all the hops your need.

Finally yeast

When I brew with malt extract you do not need to boil the liquid malt extract.
Boil the hops, placed in a hop sock, for one hour in half a gallon of water. Add the liquid malt extract and half a pound of sugar the last 10 minutes, carefully stir until well mixed.

While the hops are boiling to add 4 gallons of cold water in the brew bucket. Place the grommet in the drilled lid. Put the airlock in filled with either water or cheap vodka. After adding the malt extracts, sugar mixture to the brew bucket top off to 5 gallons of wort. Add the yeast and put the lid on. Wait at least two weeks, then use the auto-siphon to fill your bottles. Let the bottles sit out to bottle condition for two to three weeks.

If you like brewing over time home brewers develop their own system for brewing, whether it is an inside system like mine or outside





It is very nice serving your home brewed beer in the proper Glassware

Or if you are looking for beer related items for the fun of it Make sure to check out this page!

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