How to filter homebrew


Brewout How to Filter your Hombrew Beer

Important steps before filtering:

1. Brew your beer, may seem obvious but without this as step one your have nothing to filter

2. Let your beer fully ferment. I let my beers full ferment out 2 or 3 weeks.

3. Secondary is your friend. Let as much as the yeast settle as possible. I also put in gelatin at this step. Let sit for a week or two.

4. Cold Crash. I put the beer in the keg and let it set for a week or two in the fridge.

5. Filter your beer. I use a plate filter, but there are many types of beer filters available. Make sure it’s a beer filter and not a water filter. Water filters will clog.

If you filter clogs don’t panic, you have to open the side by the unfiltered beer and get things unclogged. I was able to smoothly filter after I follow these steps.

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