Induction Brewing

Induction brewing 1

I wanted to share how I brew on my system.  If you have never seen Brew Your Own magazine’s Brutus 10, I borrow many ideas from this system. Also once again I have my crude drawings.


First I have to plug in all of the induction cookers.  Make sure to have each induction cooker on its own circuit.  Each induction cooker uses 1800 watts.

I put my mash water in the middle, and my sparge water on the end.

Induction brewing 1


When the mash water is up to the temperature you are going for, transfer the water from the mash water to the mash tun.  Now dough in your grains.  Make sure to stir the grains well so there all of the grain gets wet and there is no hot or cold spots.

Also while mashing make sure to stir the grains about every 15 to 20 minutes to make sure there are no hot or cold spots.  A nice thing with my setup is the mash tun is a kettle with an all metal false bottom.  I like to make sure the Induction cooker is on to keep the water hot.  I only turn this induction cooker on 300 watt or 500 watt.


After the mash is done, I bring the temperature up to around 160 and circulate the water over the grains.

Induction brewing 3


After about 20 minutes of circulating I then take the hose from pump 1 and put the hose where the mash water is, now my boil kettle.

I start the sparge water to the mash tun and have the mash tun drain into the now boil kettle.  Make sure not to mash to fast or you will miss out on total grain extraction.

Induction brewing 4


After I’m done sparging I have all of the wort in the boil kettle.  I take a gravity read and I use the pumps one last time to evenly divide the wort between the boil kettle and what was the sparge water.  I use 2 induction cookers so I can get a boil faster with around 3 gallons in each kettle.  If one induction cooker takes a long time to boil 5 to 7 gallons my thought is divide the amount and the wort will boil in half the time.

For chilling see Pump Chilling on my site.

For this system to work you need 2 pumps.  I use Chugger pumps



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