Induction cooker


I picked an induction cooker as my heat source.  Induction cookers are energy efficient by using the bottom of the kettle to produce heat directly into the wort or water.

I’m using the Rosewell 1800 watt induction cooker I found here



Rosewell induction cooker is the best deal I could find.  You will need the full 1800 watt cooker.  I’ve heard there are higher induction cookers available, but in the United States 1800 watt is the highest I could fine.

My thought with 3 induction cookers is I use one as the mash tun, and the other two for hot liquor tank and boiling.  I used one pot for the mash water and the other pot for the sparge water.  After I mash and sparge I have 2 empty pots.  I use both pots a divide up the wort total so I can boil faster.  The induction cookers are energy efficient and very nice, but they lack the overall cooking power of propane.  I’m able to get a full boil on  my wort after sparging in around 30 minutes.  I only put all of my hops in one pot.  Then I use my pumps to put all of the wort together for cooling.

One unique thing to keep in mind with induction cookers is that the brew kettles have to be magnetic to work.  Induction cookers do not work with non magnetic kettles.  I was luck enough to find a brew kettle that worked for me.

The Rosewell induction cooker came with a little pot you can boil up to half a gallon with.  These pots have come in handy when brewing.  I used the pot to make my yeast starter.  I also use the pots to collect water that drips out of my pumps when I disconnect the hoses.


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Induction Brewing


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