Maintaining a barley crusher


When buying grain in bulk having a barley crusher is very nice. You can crush your barley with a rolling pin and a lot of time. I use this barley crusher.


I want to share how to maintain a barley crusher.  When I first got my barley crusher I didn’t know how to maintain a barley crusher to work properly.  I was crushing grain when the crank was jammed.  I couldn’t crush barley, I had the bin full to the top.  The one thing I didn’t know was barley crushers have to have vegetable oil put into the edge of the rollers.




The easiest way to get to the rollers is to remove the bin.  To remove the bin loosen the screws on both sides with a screw driver and wrench. Remove the bin and put the vegetable oil in the side of the rollers.  To make sure the oil is worked into the rollers I manually spin the rollers with my fingers.




When keeping a well maintained barley crusher it will give you years of service.



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