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Multi switch power strip



I don’t know how to setup a wiring box like some home brewers have.  I was at a local big box hardware store in the electrical section.  I saw a toggle switch and this got me thinking.  I have all of these outlets for my brew items.  How can control what is on and what is off when most of the items do not have on and off switches.  After a quick search on Amazon I found what I need.  It is nice I can have all my pumps, aerators or whatever else plugged in to the outlets and just switch on and off what I need.  Last time I brewed I got a stuck sparge, I was able to just flip a switch and turn the pump off.  The pump was start to make a hiss noise because it was running dry.  I was able to fix the stuck sparge and turn the switch back on make the pump run.






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