Picking homegrown hops


End of summer is the time of year to pick homegrown hops.

I picked hops this morning, some people will freeze the hops right away.  Other people will dry the hops and save the hops for later.

I’ve tried both methods.  Freezing is easier but drying adds more flavor.  The third option is to brew with the hops right way.


When picking hops, I either use scissors or pull the hop buds off like grapes.  I think of the process similar to pulling off grapes, but hops are soft and leafy.



It is important to look at the hops you are picking and be picky.  If a hop looks funny or has mold growing on it, throw it out.



I do compost bad hops and used barley and hops.  The compost is great for the flower beds.



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