Polygamy Porter Clone


The first time I had Wastach Polygamy Porter was in 2011. I had a layover in the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) I was at my gate with time to kill. Squatter’s airport pub was near my gate, so I decided to stop in. I previously heard of Polygamy Porter, so I decided to get a pint. I really enjoyed the beer, enough so when I had another layover in Salt Lake City International Airport again in 2013. I stopped at Squatter’s airport pub for another pint of Polygamy Porter.

In 2014, I had to travel to Wagner, South Dakota for work. I found Polygamy Porter in a liquor store. After the trip, I decided I wanted to clone Polygamy Porter. First to clone a beer, I always check a brewery website, sometimes they provide the beer profile for additional help. The website doesn’t provide IBU or SRM, but it does say chocolate flavor. I emailed the brewery asking what malts and hops they use. Wasatch was kind enough to give me a grain bill and hops. They said the percentages used of each grain was a secrete, but it was a good start. The website was correct; they use chocolate malts. I just had to fill in the blanks. Unfortunately, it was one of the brews I said I was going to get to and forgot about.

I forgot about the clone recipe for a year, now I want to brew the clone. I used the email and made my best guess. Base malts are always the highest percentage used. Wastach gave me a grain list. I’m guessing to use the base grain the most and use smaller amounts as I go down the line of malts listed. The grain bill they told me is 2 row, Crystal malt, Munich malt and Chocolate malt.

I turned to social media for help. There are many social media groups on homebrewing beer that are a huge help. I got tips I didn’t know about, like the hop additions. When cloning a beer it’s always helpful to talk with breweries a lot of professional brewers started off home brewing. Home brewers may have had a similar experience as you are having, so it never hurts to talk to other people.

I wanted to brew the nice simple brown porter whom I can’t get enough of when I’m out west. This is my first attempt. Hopefully, I hit the nail on the head with my clone, if not I’ll be back at it again next year with another attempt.

Polygamy Porter clone
6 gallons
O.G. 1.04
F.G. 1.01
ABV 3.9%
IBU 20.4
SRM 22.19

8 lbs pale malt
1 lbs Crystal 75
0.75 lbs Munich malt
0.5 Chocolate Malt

Willamette 1 oz boil 60 minutes
Willamette 0.75 oz boil 15 minutes
Willamette 0.25 oz boil 1 minutes
Mash at 155 degrees F for 90 minutes. Sparge with 168 degree F water. I think a 90 minute boil would help this beer have more of the toasty toffeyness. Make sure to adding hops as indicated.

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