Pump Chilling


One of the greatest things about my new setup is chilling.  Previously brewing experience is chilling is kind of a pain.  You would have to slowly let the wort gravity fed through the chiller.  The other method is to insert coils in the hot wort.


What I did is copy what Brutus 10 does and run the wort with the tap wide open on the hot side and running ice cold water with 22 pounds of ice on the cold side.

Please excuse my crude image, but it gives you the basic idea.  I ran the beer and water with spigot wide open chugger pumps fully on.

Pump chilling


I was able to get wort from boiling to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in around 20 minutes.  I washed 2 three gallon carboys and drank a beer.  At 75 degrees Fahrenheit I siphoned the wort into the carboys and pitched the yeast.


One really cool thing about Chugger pumps is how you can change what direction the pump head flows.  On my pump 1 the flow is left to right, how it comes out of the box.



I want pump 2 going right to left.  I took off 4 screws turned the pump head how I want it and how I have pump 2 flowing left to right.



I do worry about running the wort a high speed cooling if it will change the beer because of to much splashing.  I did put the hose connected to the pump all the way into the wort.  There was no splashing, but I guess we will have to wait and see how the long term taste of the beer.  I’ll make sure to post how the beer turns out in the next few weeks.

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