Wanted: International Beer Recipes


I have been reading about beer recipes in other countries that use local spices to give a beer a unique flavor.  For example in Italy, Italian brewers are using spices traditionally used for cooking to make unique Italian brews.  I think this is very cool.

I have read similar stores out of China.  My question is what spices? What amounts? I live in the United States of America.  I have a good international market down the street from where I live.  If someone could give me an idea on what spices to use, or how much that would be really cool.  I’d really like to try Italian Grape beers, or Chinese herb beers. I do not have an option to buy, so that is why we brew our own!


If you have any of this kind of information, please fill out my contact page. With the spices amount or a recipe.   I promise not to sell your email or spam you.  I might feature your recipe on my page.

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