White Wedding White IPA


I brewed a white IPA for a wedding.  Originally the groom to be wanted an imperial IPA, but then he asked for a white IPA.  He’s going to get a white IPA!

White IPA is an American invention, taking a Belgian Wit and an IPA.  It has wheat, barley, coriander and orange peel.  I used Valencia Orange peel because that is what Blue Moon uses.  Valencia Orange Peel can be found at more major grocery stores.


White Wedding White IPA

O.G. 1.066

F.G  1.013

IBU  56

SRM 6.24

ABV  6.8%


8 lbs 2 row

6.5 lbs White Wheat

1.5 lbs flaked oats


1 oz Citra hops (60 mins)

1 oz Cascade (30 mins)

5 oz home grown cascade hops (15 mins)


2 oz of ground Coriander (10 mins)

0.75 oz Valencia Orange Peel (5 mins)


Safale US05


Bring water up to 165 degrees F

Mash in around 155 F, leave overnight

Fill to 8 gallon mark, or in my case fill the brew pot to the top with water

In the morning bring up to around 155

Sparge with 165 degree F water, turn on induction cooker and bring up to 155 F

Put in two separate pots and boil

Boil adding hops as indicated

Boil 90 mins

Chill and put in yeast


That’s the recipe I came up with, put into Brewer’s Friend.  It’s not what always works out in real life.


After mashing overnight I had the wort at 1.060.

I then heated up the mash water and heated up the sparge water to 165.

I spared, something I still haven’t perfected.  By the time the wort was ready to start boiling it was at 1.048.

I boiled the wort, added hops.  I’m a huge fan of how Citra smells when you boil it.  The wort gave off a sweet citrus smell.

I picked my own hops and I threw the hops in the brewing within the hour they were picked.



Oh the humanity!  Hops were living on the vine earlier and ended up in the boil within the hour.  I think this process is called wet hopping.  I’ll see how it taste when I get to take a sample of the brew.


After the boil the original gravity came out to be 1.060, a little off from what I was shooting for, but oh well that’s life.  Have a homebrewed beer and relax.

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