Why I ferment in glass


I prefer glass carboys because they do not hold odors, last forever as long as they are in good shape and are easy to seal.

As long as you can sanitize your glass carboy, they will clean up all odors.  I’ve had glass carboys. I fermented wine in months ago. I didn’t clean out well at the time.  Then on brew day I cleaned out the glass carboy, and it was free of all smells.  Plastic carboys get stained after fermenting red wine.

Glass carboys last forever as long as they do not crack.  Over time, I’ve heard of glass carboys cracking.  I inspect my carboys every time I brew.  Glass carboys can be dangerous with wet hands.  It’s easy for them to slip and fall breaking easily.  For this reason, I use 2 3 gallon carboys.  They weigh less and are easier to move around even when full.

I’ve had plastic buckets that just will not seal after a while.  I’ve never had a problem with my carboys sealing.  It is easy to seal a carboy, even if I had trouble with a carboy cork.  I’ll get to buy a new one.  I keep spare corks around for this reason they are cheap.

I’ve been using my glass carboys for around five years, and I don’t plan on using anything else soon.

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